27 March 2024

Reception Spring 2 2024


Reception has been learning about measuring in Maths. We spoke about the fact that we can measure the length of different objects using non-standard measures such as our feet or hands! In pairs, we then went outside and used our feet to measure lots of different objects and recorded it…

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1 February 2024

19th January 2024

Reception discussed a range of light sources such as the sun, the moon, torches, candles, lightning and fire. We then created a den in forest school and talked about how the dark made us feel. In small groups, we explored using the torches inside the den to create some light! We also spoke about…

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Image of December 2023 - Reception LOTC
3 January 2024

December 2023 - Reception LOTC


Reception have been learning all about the Christmas story and that baby Jesus was born the ‘Son of God’. We shared the Christmas story and summarised the main parts of the story. We then explored the outdoor area pretending we were travelling to Bethlehem on our donkey!



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Image of 29.9.23
29 September 2023


After learning about our 5 senses, Reception went on a field walk to discover what they could see, hear, feel and smell. We then recorded what we had found by drawing a picture on our sheet.

“I have found a feather – it feels soft!”

“I can see the leaves on the floor!”

“I can hear the…

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Image of 22.9.23.
22 September 2023


Reception took their maths learning into the forest school. We explored number 3.

We worked in groups of 3 to spot groups of 3 objects in the environment or find 3 objects.

I found 3 plus 3.


I spotted this. It has 3 bumpy things. 3 pieces of wood.


2 sticks plus one…

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Image of 15.09.23
15 September 2023


Reception read the story ‘God Knows My Name’ and we spoke how special and unique our names are. We then collected a range of natural materials and made the first letter of our name.

“I have the letter ‘M’ at the beginning of my name!”

“We near to keep safe around the pond!”

“I need to use…

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