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At Holy Family Primary School, whilst promoting Catholic virtues, we will ensure that pupils and young people are offered a broad and balanced RSHE programme which provides them with clear factual, scientific information about their bodies when relevant and aims to create well-rounded and adjusted pupils who are resilient and able to live well in relationship with others.

Our approach to RSE therefore is rooted in the Catholic Church’s teaching of the human person and presented in a positive framework of Christian ideals.

Following the guidance of the Bishops of England and Wales and as advocated by the Department for Education (DfE), RSE will be firmly embedded in the PSHE framework as it is concerned with nurturing human wholeness and integral to the physical, spiritual, emotional, moral, social and intellectual development of pupils.

All RSHE will be in accordance with the Church’s moral teaching. It will emphasise the central importance of marriage and the family whilst acknowledging that all pupils have a fundamental right to have their life respected whatever household they come from. It will also prepare pupils for life in modern Britain.

The school makes use of Ten Ten’s Life to the Full Relationships and Sex Education Programme which is recognised by the Diocese of Westminster as a suitable scheme. The scheme is underpinned and rooted in the teachings of the Church.

Curriculum Aims for RSHE

     Our school’s RSHE programme of study has three themes:  

  • Created to love others - this explores an individual’s relationships with others and shows an understanding of the importance of valuing and understanding oneself as the basis for personal relationships.
  • God is love - We are created out of love and for love. The command to love is the basis of all Christian morality.
  • Created to live in community – local, national & global (this explores the individual’s relationships with the wider world) 

RSHE policy

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As a school, our curriculum is supported by a scheme called Life To The Full Plus by Ten Ten Resources.

Ten Ten is an award-winning and well-respected  Catholic educational organisation.

Life to the Full has been approved by The Diocese of Westminster. Life to the full Plus is based on the CES Model Primary Curriculum,  therefore we are confident that this programme is a very good fit for our Catholic school.

If you wish to carry out further reading around RSHE, the following documents may be of use to you:


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Department For Education

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