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New Parents information 2023

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The long term plan gives an overview of the topics and skills we shall be working on in Nursery throughout the year. This is a working document which is constantly being evaluated and enhanced.

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Curriculum Letters

Curriculum letters provide an overview of topics and activities each half term.

Nursery curriculum letter Summer 1

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Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge organisers are written each half term to provide more details of topics and activities.

Knowledge Organiser Autumn 1

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Nursery Knowledge Organiser Spring 1 Celebrations

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Nursery Knowledge Organiser Spring 2 Spring Growth

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Nursery Knowledge Organiser Summer 1 Minibeasts

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Extra Information:

  • We have LOTC (Learning Outside the Classroom) on Monday
  • We visit the library on Thursday
  • We have PE on Friday

RSE in Nursery

Life to the Full is a programme in Relationship and Health Education for Catholic primary schools   throughout the UK. This programme is rooted in a Christian understanding of the human person, based on   “A Model Catholic RSE Curriculum” provided by the Catholic Education Service. Parents can use the following login details for more information on the programme.


Our Gallery of Learning

The children have enjoyed using the magnifying glasses to look closely at our worms and discuss and draw what they have seen.

The children enjoyed playing with the spaghetti worms; cutting them and using the tweezers.

After talking about the symmetrical patterns on butterfly wings, we decorated our butterfly outlines with shapes. We talked about choosing shapes that would be the same on each wing trying to make symmetrical pattern. 

We used the IWB to make our own butterflies. We pressed the different buttons to change the thickness of our lines and the colour.

After talking about helping the hungry caterpillar to make healthy choices, we tasted some fruits from the story. 

We have been reading "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" story. We went on a story hunt outside, using the pictures to retell the story.

Father Norbert joined us at the fourth station of the cross where Jesus met his mother. We thought about how we can be like Mary and help others even when it is difficult. We listened to a bible reading and sang a hymn. Father Norbert showed us the sign language actions to accompany the hymn. 

We After reading the story "We're going on an Egg Hunt" we made our own egg hunt maps. We drew eggs at different locations, then made a route and described it to our friends using positional language. 

In RE we talked about Good Friday and thought about Jesus' love for us all. In CIL we decorated a cross with loose parts to show we remember Jesus when we see the cross.

We have been recognising signs of Spring. We made tissue paper blossom branches and used watercolours to paint daffodils. 

We came dressed up as a word for World Book Day. 

After talking about different characters for World Book Day, we went on a character hunt outside. When we found each character we crossed them off our list and told the adult something about the story they came from.

We explored mixing yellow and blue paint to make green. We used different sized brushes to paint our own beanstalks.

After reading to the story of Jasper's Beanstalk, we talked about what we might find at the top. We drew our ideas with a friend.

After talking about Shrove Tuesday, we made our own pancakes. 

We wrote our lists to buy the ingredients at our pancake shop. We looked at the prices and counted out the coins.

We have been learning about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated. We decorated banners with Chinese writing, we counted out coins onto lucky red envelopes and we used loose parts to decorate dragon masks.

We enjoyed sharing our learning this half term with our families at our topic celebration morning.


Every morning we show how we are feeling at our Feelings Board.

Additional activities

Additional activities to do at home with your child.

  • Look at numbers/ shapes in the environment. 
  • Count everyday items – stairs, socks, knives and forks, pointing to each one as a number is said.
  • Practise putting shoes and socks on and off.
  • Practise putting own coat on and fastening.
  • Share the weekly Wednesday word Gospel reading with your child.
  • Share a story with your child. Discuss the events, setting, characters. Ask questions such as 'What do you think will happen next?' Let your child turn the page. 
  • Ask your child to retell the story from your memory? Do you have any questions about the characters or the story? Answer 'how' or 'why' questions based on the story. 
  • Give your child a challenge. Can they follow more than 1 instruction? They could be silly things such as 'First, find a sock, then, put it on your hand, finally, sing a song with your sock as a puppet with a funny voice'! See if they follow more and more instructions at once! 
  • When doing an activity, ask a 'how' or 'why' question and see if the children can answer them, e.g. 'why do you think the ball floats on the water?', 'why do these bugs hide under a log?', 'how do you think this character is feeling?', 'how do birds fly?'. The children's ideas can be so amazing!
  • Can you follow two part instructions?
  • Create and tell a story with your toys as the characters.

Can you say our morning prayer?

Morning Prayer

How you can support your child with reading at home

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