Reception has been learning about measuring in Maths. We spoke about the fact that we can measure the length of different objects using non-standard measures such as our feet or hands! In pairs, we then went outside and used our feet to measure lots of different objects and recorded it on paper.

“We measured the monkey bars and it was 4 feet long!”

“The longest thing was the gravel pit: it was 6 feet long!”

“The shortest thing was the house!”

“The tyres were 4 feet!”

“The drain is only one of my feet!”



Reception have been learning about weight in Maths and using language such as heavy, light and balanced. In small groups, we went to forest school and collected a range of natural materials such as stones, twigs and leaves and used the balancing scales to see what objects were heavier or lighter! We then ordered the objects from heaviest to lightest and managed to balance the scales.

“I have made the scales the same – they are balanced!”

“The stone is heavier than the leaf!”

“The stick is lighter than the stone!”

“I have used 3 small sticks and 1 large stick to make the scales balanced!”

“This stone is the heaviest because it is down!”




After learning about the signs of spring, Reception went on a spring walk around the school grounds. In pairs, we recorded on our clipboards any signs we could see such as the blossom on the trees and the new daffodil buds growing. We also spotted some birds and some nests high up in the trees.

“I can see some black birds, Mrs Whorlow!”

“There are some new buds on the plants!”

“There is a bird’s nest in the trees!”

“Most of the daffodils have flowered!”

“Baby chicks are born in the springtime!”