In LOTC, we were taking our science learning outside. We learnt about the human digestive system and the different functions that different parts have. Rather than doing some written work, we decided to take our lesson outside and create a human digestive system using drama and action. We performed them to each other and it was great to see how everyone showed such different pieces. There was great use of people pretending to be the teeth chomping up the food and children becoming the oesophagus that the food travels down! It was a memorable way of learning this science work!


In LOTC, we took our DT learning outside. We were learning about the British inventor, Cameron Mackintosh. Mackintosh invented the rain mackintosh (mac) and we discussed what properties would be needed to make a coat waterproof. The children then were tasked with making an origami paper boat and they had to try different materials such as hairspray, wax crayons, oil pastels and cello tape for example to see which ones make the boats waterproof. We then tested them in the pond.