November 2023


In LOTC this term the children have been continuing their learning from geography outside. They have been looking at ‘weather and climate’ and how this changes around the world focusing on flora and fauna. To start we went outside and looked at the different leaves we could find. The children were tasked with sorting the leaves into different groups; it was interesting to see what groups they chose as some went with colours, others went with textures. In another lesson, we carried out some fieldwork in LOTC and went on a walk to the local lagoon. The children carried out a nature scavenger hunt. This was to see if the weather in this country impacts the animals and flowers that live and grow here. The children decided that the weather that day was too cold for the animals, and that anything that lives and grows in the UK has adapted to the weather – the same as in other climates. The children have asked to repeat the outdoor lesson on a warmer day to compare their results. It was lots of fun but very cold!