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15 September 2023


Reception read the story ‘God Knows My Name’ and we spoke how special and unique our names are. We then collected a range of natural materials and made the first letter of our name.

“I have the letter ‘M’ at the beginning of my name!”

“We near to keep safe around the pond!”

“I need to use…

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12 September 2023



Whole class number line from 3 decimal places to 10 million in silence

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11 September 2023


After learning about Autumn, Nursery spoke about what animals may hibernate in the Winter time. We discussed what natural resources we could use to create an animal home and collected them as a group.

“Hibernation means sleeping!”

“The hedgehog needs a pillow!”

“The leaves make it soft…

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8 September 2023

PE 8.9.23

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8 September 2023



Sketches of Queen Victoria

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6 September 2023


Nursery went to forest school for the first time today! We spoke about the class rules and how to keep ourselves safe in the area. We then explored the wooded area and collected different size twigs which we put in order from shortest to longest.

“This stick is the longest one!”

“We might…

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