Image of September 2023
29 September 2023

September 2023

Over the last few weeks Year 5 have enjoyed some close observational sketches of trees and plants in the outside area. Children worked together as pairs to follow instructions to make a paper aeroplane and enjoyed seeing if they could fly afterwards - luckily it was a windy day! They learned…

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Image of September 2023
29 September 2023

September 2023

In LOTC this half term we have taken part in lots of maths activities.  The children have really enjoyed taking their maths work outside.  We have looked at positional language, counting and making groups of objects.  We then compared our groups of objects to work out who has more.

We have also…

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29 September 2023


After learning about our 5 senses, Reception went on a field walk to discover what they could see, hear, feel and smell. We then recorded what we had found by drawing a picture on our sheet.

“I have found a feather – it feels soft!”

“I can see the leaves on the floor!”

“I can hear the…

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25 September 2023


Nursery went to forest school and created some bark rubbings! We spoke about the different patterns we could make and the colours we would use. We also used some leaves to see what patterns we could make.

“Bark is on the tree!”

“We can use the logs to make a pattern!”

“I have used pink to…

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22 September 2023


Reception took their maths learning into the forest school. We explored number 3.

We worked in groups of 3 to spot groups of 3 objects in the environment or find 3 objects.

I found 3 plus 3.


I spotted this. It has 3 bumpy things. 3 pieces of wood.


2 sticks plus one…

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Image of 18.09.23
18 September 2023


Nursery shared the story ‘God Knows My Name’ which explains how God loves everybody in the whole world. We then spoke about the symbols of God and what they represent. Nursery then collected a range of natural materials and made three symbols that reminded them of God (cross, prayer table and a…

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Image of 15.09.23
15 September 2023


Reception read the story ‘God Knows My Name’ and we spoke how special and unique our names are. We then collected a range of natural materials and made the first letter of our name.

“I have the letter ‘M’ at the beginning of my name!”

“We near to keep safe around the pond!”

“I need to use…

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12 September 2023



Whole class number line from 3 decimal places to 10 million in silence

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Image of 11.09.23
11 September 2023


After learning about Autumn, Nursery spoke about what animals may hibernate in the Winter time. We discussed what natural resources we could use to create an animal home and collected them as a group.

“Hibernation means sleeping!”

“The hedgehog needs a pillow!”

“The leaves make it soft…

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Image of PE 8.9.23
8 September 2023

PE 8.9.23

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8 September 2023



Sketches of Queen Victoria

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